Turner Law, P.C. has significant experience in various types of transportation project financings.

transportation project financingsToll Roads

Turner Law, P.C. attorneys have acted as counsel in financing construction and improvements on various toll road projects in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida. Our representation includes acting as counsel in the issuance of senior and subordinate fixed and variable rate debt, financings for new money construction, for lease payments and in restructurings of variable rate debt subject to interest rate hedge agreements. In our capacity as counsel we have represented clients in issuances of bonds secured by general obligations, pledges of revenue and special subordinate revenue. We have assisted in analyzing the eligibility of projects for bond financing under state law and tax-exempt financing under the internal revenue code, including the determination and counsel of which projects could be financed with Non-AMT bonds.

Co-Underwriter’s Counsel in connection with the offering by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission of $600,000,000 of its Turnpike Revenue Bonds, Series B of 2010 (Federally Taxable – Issuer Subsidy – Build America Bonds).

Co-Underwriter’s Counsel in connection with the Commission’s $135,655,000 Turnpike Subordinate Revenue Bonds Series A of 2011 and $102,620,000 Motor License Fund –Enhanced Turnpike Subordinate Special Revenue Bonds, Series A of 2011


Turner Law, P.C. attorneys have acted as counsel in a number of airport financings. As counsel we have assisted in analyzing the eligibility of projects to be financed with Non-AMT bonds. We have negotiated disclosure obligations with airlines and issuers and have prepared disclosures on airport use and lease agreements. We have worked with engineers in the preparation of the airport engineer’s report, in addition to assisting in the drafting of ordinances authorizing bond issuances, preliminary official statements and official statements. In addition to assisting underwriters in the preparation of disclosure documents for initial offerings, we have also assisted underwriters in preparing due diligence for the initial offering. We currently act as disclosure counsel for one of the nations largest airports.

Co-Disclosure Counsel to the City of Philadelphia Airport in connection with its issuance of $97,780,000 aggregate principal amount of its Airport Revenue Bonds, Series 2015A (AMT).

Turner Law, P.C.: Transportation Finance Legal Counsel

The factors involved in transportation financings and their disclosure have grown in complexity over the years. Turner Law, P.C. brings over 14 years of experience as counsel to transportation financings and can advise you on how to navigate the legal and financial requirements. Please contact Turner Law, P.C. for a consultation at your convenience so that we can begin to work on funding your project.